11th June 2018

The clip of these rabbits chasing each other around in the lovely evening sun was recorded in an old disused sand pit in Attanagh.  There were quite a number of rabbits here all out feeding and making the most of the pleasent evening sun.

11th June 2018

This little guy was one of five cubs in this den, of the five this guy seemed to be the more adventurous of them all, never content in staying around the den sites, instead off wandering about the fields and hedgerows on a farmers land near Durrow.  They would run around playing for short periods at a time and then all of a sudden disappear into the cover of the hedge.  Just to be a wittness to these guys at play was an absolute privelage and I loved every minute of it.

11th June 2018

I spent a bit of time recording at this fox den in Laois.  This has to be one of the hardest working vixen's I have ever had the pleasure to record.  A number of times a day she returned with food and waited to nurse her five cubs.  In this clip you can see how the smallest little guy in the den was more attentative than his bigger siblings.  The mother was very attentive to this guy every time she returned to the den site. Just a wonder to be a part of this for sure.

29th May 2018

Here we see  a Buzzard feeding on the remains of a rabbit, this pair had a nest r=nearby with two juvenile chicks, the parents worked tirelessly to keep the juveniles fed.  This incredibly shy bird is very wary and the first sight of humans they will just disappear.  They can be seen and heard usually soaring very high in the sky as they scan for food.

2nd April 2018

The recording of this short video file of the Native Red Squirrel was fascinating to say the least.  When people speak about how busy they are burrying their stash, it is no exaggeration.  This little guy would come to the tree stump eat for a few seconds and then at incredible speed, gone in a flash, busy burrying nuts all over the forest from up in the treed to underneath dead leaves and even underneath the grass. All the while stayin one hundred percent alert, whilst i was there it had to flee from a Buzzard and a Pine Marten.

30th June 2017

To record this clip of the incredibly shy and rare Pine Marten was a privilege for sure. After a lot of searching I found what i thought was a Pine Marten trail, early in Spring 2017, After months of feeding and waiting in my wildlife hide on a cold blustery day this little guy appeared for a fleeting few seconds. As you can see from the clip how shy this guy is, he made sure to keep himself down as low as possible to avoid any predators catching a glimpse, and then just as quick with the alarm call of a nearby magpie, he was off into the undergrowth in a flash.

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